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What is the flow and working principle of the liquid distributor

Update:Sep 02,2022
Summary:What is a liquid dispenser? It is used to distribute various liquids to different workshops. Including liquid dispensers, washing machines, dishwasher...
What is a liquid dispenser? It is used to distribute various liquids to different workshops. Including liquid dispensers, washing machines, dishwashers, car wash liquid dispensers, etc. Because each application is different, the liquid dispenser flow and working principle are also different.
The liquid distributor is the part that evenly supplies the multi-pass evaporator. There are three types of liquid distributors: centrifugal type, Yijing type and Venturi type. Most of our countries use Yijing type.
There are many specifications for liquid distributors, because the number of channels, the diameter of the inlet and outlet pipes, and the length of the outlet pipes are different. According to different specifications, the capacity of the liquid distributor is also different. The flow rate of each specification has an upper limit and a lower limit. If the flow rate exceeds the upper limit, the pressure of the liquid distributor and the liquid distributor will drop too much. If the flow rate is lower than the lower limit, the pressure distribution will be uneven, so when choosing a liquid distributor, the load range, number of channels, length of spray pipe, evaporation temperature and each channel must be considered.
It has a dosing piston and a control piston for each pair of air outlets. Taking the main circuit or the main circuit II as an example, after one main circuit is charged, the other main circuit is in a pressure relief state, and only the leakage port related to the charging main circuit will oil out. Therefore, each work cycle contains two work processes.

So, let's analyze how it works? There are two aspects.
The first working process is with the two pistons, the dosing piston and the control piston at the lower end, with the lubrication stopped. When the main circuit I is charged, the main circuit II will be removed and the control piston will move up first. The dosing piston then moves upwards. In this way, the lubricant discharged from the dosing piston will control the groove in the piston and be discharged from the air outlet above. The lubricant discharged when the movement of the working piston is controlled can enter the main circuit II, which is in a state of unloading in China at that time.
The second work process is that in work process 2, the main circuit II is charged and the main circuit I is unloaded. Therefore, the piston movement is first controlled, and then the dosing piston movement is controlled. The lubricant discharged when the dosing piston moves is discharged through the lower air outlet. The pressure from the air outlet to the lubrication point is equal to the pressure at the pump output minus the pressure loss through the mains and the pressure loss through the distributor. In order to control the piston to obtain sufficient thrust, the pressure difference between the two main roads must be above 50bar.

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