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Knowledge of lotion pump

Update:Sep 14,2022
Summary:I believe that everyone has used press-type shampoo and shower gel in their daily life. In fact, this pump head is called a lotion pump. It uses the p...
I believe that everyone has used press-type shampoo and shower gel in their daily life. In fact, this pump head is called a lotion pump. It uses the principle of atmospheric pressure balance, so that the shampoo and bath can be mixed A tool that releases dew from the bottle and then replenishes the gas in the bottle.
The main indicators that determine the performance of a lotion pump include its pressure, rebound speed, water intake, opening torque, air pressure times, etc. If you want to buy a good lotion pump, you can refer to these indicators. , Next, the editor will explain some related knowledge points of lotion pump in detail with you, to help you better understand this gadget that is often ignored by us.
Lotion pumps are divided into two forms, namely screw type and tie-in type, and in terms of function, they are divided into lotion pumps, foundation creams, sprayers, valves, vacuum bottles, etc., while the lotion pump has its The size is often customized according to the caliber of the bottle it is matched with. The commonly used spray lotion pump is often between 12.5 mm and 24 mm, and its water output is often between 0.1 ml and 0.2 ml at a time, which is often used under the packaging of products such as perfume spray. The length of its caliber is often determined according to the height of the bottle.
The pump head of the lotion is generally larger in size, usually between 16 ml and 33.8 ml, and its water output is between 0.28 ml and 3.1 ml than that of the spray pump head, which is generally used for washing or cream. products, that is, shampoo and body wash that we often use. Some special lotion pumps or hand-held spray heads, among which the foam pump head is a non-pneumatic hand-pressure pump head, which can generate foam without filling gas into it, and can generate a fixed amount by only pressing lightly. At present, some hand sanitizers will be equipped with such a device. As long as the hand sanitizer is gently pressed, it will appear in the user's hand in the form of a foam, making hand cleaning more convenient.

The composition of the lotion pump is relatively complex, including piston, spring, pump body, valve, ball, bottle cap, dust cover, etc. Among them, there are many colors of the dust cover, which can be customized according to the needs of users , and the emulsion pump can also be electroplated, with a layer of anodized aluminum ring on the outside.

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