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Our company offers a variety of products which can meet your multifarious demands. Since its establishment, we adhere to the management principles of "Stable quality, continuous and reliable product supply, and credit-based" and always do our best to satisfy potential needs of our customers.
Yuyao Shinri Sprayer Co., Ltd. is leading China ODM cosmetic PE bottles manufacturers, has 16000 square meters of scale, including 10000 square meters of Nozzle Factory (YSR: Yuyao Shinri Sprayer Co. Ltd), 6000 square meters of bottle factory (YS: Zhejiang YiSi Commodities Co., Ltd),with annual output over 100 million pieces of all kinds of products. As a famous wholesale cosmetic PE bottles factory, we devote our efforts to research and develop safe, fashion, environmental and economy products. Creating value for customers is our aim. At present, products are mainly involved in personal care, cleaning, perfume packaging, medical packaging, cosmetics packaging, wholesale cosmetic PE bottles, and other fields, and we are in cooperation with some famous enterprises in the relevant industry.The company also provides customized service, providing customers with "charm" personalized packaging. Relying on advanced professional technology, excellent management personnel, we provide more efficient and high quality service for the customer. The company also provides customized service, providing customers with charming personalized packaging. Relying on advanced professional technology, excellent management personnel, we provide more efficient and high quality service for the customer. At present, the company has a complete set of technology and equipment, such as advanced mold designing, steel mold manufacturing, fully automatic injection molding, and fully automatic assembly and inspection, hot stamping services, etc. The company controls the quality strictly, and has complete testing equipment. "Insist on stable quality, continuous and reliable product supply," is the core of our enterprise culture, and the company all staff with enthusiasm to create high quality products for customers, and to continue to provide competitive products. The company focuses on independent research and development, Track innovative technologies, exploring the feasibility of new materials, new technology applications, through cooperation with relevant domestic institutions. Our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises from all over the world in order to realize a win-win situation since the trend of economic globalization has developed with an irresistible force.


We have a strong R&D team, and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

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We have two own casting foundries and one CNC machining factory, so we can offer the high quality products with reasonable price directly.


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We have our own factory to produce and sell directly, so the price is cheap.

Industry Knowledge
Cosmetic PE (Polyethylene) bottles are commonly used in the beauty and personal care industry for packaging various cosmetic products such as lotions, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, and more. Polyethylene is a widely used plastic polymer known for its excellent durability, flexibility, and chemical resistance.

Here are some key features and benefits of cosmetic PE bottles:
1.Durability: PE bottles are highly durable and resistant to breakage, making them suitable for various cosmetic products. They can withstand handling, transportation, and storage without the risk of cracking or shattering.
2.Chemical Resistance: Polyethylene is resistant to many chemicals, including common cosmetic ingredients like oils, lotions, and soaps. This property ensures that the product remains safe and the packaging does not degrade or leak.
3.Lightweight: PE bottles are lightweight, which makes them ideal for travel-sized products and reduces shipping costs. They are easy to handle and convenient for consumers to use.
4.Flexibility: PE bottles have good flexibility, allowing them to be squeezed to dispense the product easily. This feature is especially useful for products such as lotions and creams.
5.Recyclability: Polyethylene is recyclable, meaning that cosmetic PE bottles can be collected, processed, and reused to create new plastic products. Recycling helps reduce environmental impact and promotes a circular economy.

When choosing cosmetic PE (Polyethylene) bottles, there are several factors you should consider to ensure that they meet your specific requirements. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right cosmetic PE bottles:
1.Determine your needs: Consider the specific requirements of your cosmetic product. Think about the product's viscosity, compatibility with different materials, desired bottle size, and any special features you may require.
2.Bottle size and shape: Determine the appropriate size and shape of the bottle based on the volume of your cosmetic product and its intended use. Consider factors such as ease of use, storage, and transportation.
3.Material quality: Ensure that the PE bottles are made from high-quality, food-grade polyethylene. This ensures that the bottles are safe for use with cosmetic products and do not contain harmful substances.
4.Bottle design: Look for bottles that have suitable closures, such as flip-top caps, disc caps, or pump dispensers, depending on the nature of your cosmetic product. Consider the ease of opening and closing the bottle, as well as the dispensing mechanism.
5.Transparency: Decide whether you require transparent bottles or if colored or opaque bottles would better suit your product. Transparent bottles allow customers to see the product inside, which can be advantageous for marketing purposes.
6.Labeling and branding: Consider the surface area available for labeling and branding on the bottle. Determine whether you need a smooth surface for labels or if you prefer bottles with ridges or panels for better grip and design options.
7.Compatibility: Ensure that the PE bottles are compatible with the specific formulation of your cosmetic product. Consider factors such as the product's pH level, chemical composition, and any other specific requirements.
8.Supplier reliability: Choose a reputable and reliable supplier for your cosmetic PE bottles. Look for suppliers with a proven track record in the industry, good customer reviews, and who adhere to quality standards and regulations.
9.Cost considerations: Take into account your budget and the cost of the PE bottles. Compare prices from different suppliers to ensure you are getting a competitive and reasonable price without compromising on quality.
10.Sustainability: If sustainability is a priority for your brand, look for PE bottles that are recyclable and consider the environmental impact of the packaging materials you choose.
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