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Our company offers a variety of products which can meet your multifarious demands. Since its establishment, we adhere to the management principles of "Stable quality, continuous and reliable product supply, and credit-based" and always do our best to satisfy potential needs of our customers.
Yuyao Shinri Sprayer Co., Ltd. is leading China ODM lotion pumps manufacturers, has 16000 square meters of scale, including 10000 square meters of Nozzle Factory (YSR: Yuyao Shinri Sprayer Co. Ltd), 6000 square meters of bottle factory (YS: Zhejiang YiSi Commodities Co., Ltd),with annual output over 100 million pieces of all kinds of products. As a famous wholesale Screw Lotion Pumps factory, we devote our efforts to research and develop safe, fashion, environmental and economy products. Creating value for customers is our aim. At present, products are mainly involved in personal care, cleaning, perfume packaging, medical packaging, cosmetics packaging, wholesale Screw Lotion Pumps, and other fields, and we are in cooperation with some famous enterprises in the relevant industry.The company also provides customized service, providing customers with "charm" personalized packaging. Relying on advanced professional technology, excellent management personnel, we provide more efficient and high quality service for the customer. The company also provides customized service, providing customers with charming personalized packaging. Relying on advanced professional technology, excellent management personnel, we provide more efficient and high quality service for the customer. At present, the company has a complete set of technology and equipment, such as advanced mold designing, steel mold manufacturing, fully automatic injection molding, and fully automatic assembly and inspection, hot stamping services, etc. The company controls the quality strictly, and has complete testing equipment. "Insist on stable quality, continuous and reliable product supply," is the core of our enterprise culture, and the company all staff with enthusiasm to create high quality products for customers, and to continue to provide competitive products. The company focuses on independent research and development, Track innovative technologies, exploring the feasibility of new materials, new technology applications, through cooperation with relevant domestic institutions. Our company is sincerely willing to cooperate with enterprises from all over the world in order to realize a win-win situation since the trend of economic globalization has developed with an irresistible force.


We have a strong R&D team, and we can develop and produce products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

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We have two own casting foundries and one CNC machining factory, so we can offer the high quality products with reasonable price directly.


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We have our own factory to produce and sell directly, so the price is cheap.

Industry Knowledge
Lotion pumps are commonly used for dispensing liquid products such as lotions, creams, and other cosmetic or personal care products. They are designed to provide controlled and convenient dispensing of the product, ensuring proper hygiene and preventing wastage.

The basic components of a lotion pump typically include:
1.Pump Head: This is the top part of the pump that is pressed down to dispense the product. It usually consists of a plastic or metal actuator, a dip tube that reaches the bottom of the bottle, and a closure that screws onto the bottle.
2.Dip Tube: The dip tube is a long, slender tube that extends from the pump head down into the bottle. It allows the product to be drawn up into the pump for dispensing.
3.Closure: The closure is the part of the pump that screws onto the bottle neck, securing the pump in place and preventing leakage. It may have threads that match the bottle or a snap-on mechanism for attachment.
4.Spring and Piston: Inside the pump head, there is typically a spring and piston mechanism. When the actuator is pressed down, it compresses the spring, which in turn pushes the piston, forcing the product up through the dip tube and out of the pump.
5.Locking Mechanism: Some lotion pumps come with a locking mechanism to prevent accidental dispensing during transportation or storage. It can be a twist-lock or a clip-on mechanism that prevents the actuator from being pressed down.

When choosing lotion pumps, there are several factors to consider to ensure you select the right one for your specific needs. Here are some guidelines to help you choose the right lotion pump:
1.Compatibility: Make sure the lotion pump is compatible with the type of product you intend to dispense. Different lotions, creams, and liquids may have varying viscosities, so it's essential to choose a pump that can handle the consistency of your product.
2.Dispensing Volume: Consider the desired dispensing volume for your product. Lotion pumps are available in various sizes, offering different output volumes per stroke. Determine the appropriate dosage for your application and select a pump that meets your requirements.
3.Closure Size: Pay attention to the closure size of the bottle or container you plan to use with the lotion pump. The closure size should match the pump for a proper fit and a leak-free seal. Common closure sizes include 24/410, 28/410, and 33/410, but there are other sizes available as well.
4.Design and Functionality: Evaluate the design and functionality of the lotion pump. Consider factors such as ease of use, ergonomic design, and the overall appearance of the pump. Look for features like smooth and consistent dispensing, lockable pumps to prevent accidental leaks during transport, and an appealing aesthetic that complements your packaging.
5.Quality and Durability: Choose lotion pumps made from high-quality materials that are suitable for your product. Look for pumps with durable components that can withstand regular use without leaking, clogging, or breaking. Consider factors like the pump mechanism, dip tube length, and closure material to ensure longevity and reliability.
6.Brand and Supplier Reputation: Research the reputation of the brand or supplier providing the lotion pumps. Look for customer reviews, ratings, and feedback to gauge the quality and reliability of their products. Choose a reputable supplier that offers good customer support and can assist you with any issues or concerns.
7.Cost: Consider your budget when selecting lotion pumps. Prices can vary depending on factors such as material, design complexity, and brand. While cost is important, prioritize quality and functionality to ensure you provide a satisfactory user experience.
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