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What is a mini trigger sprayer?

Update:Oct 14,2022
Summary:The mini trigger sprayer has a lock to prevent unwanted spraying and is also equipped with a dip tube. The lock is easily operated by pushing a small ...
The mini trigger sprayer has a lock to prevent unwanted spraying and is also equipped with a dip tube. The lock is easily operated by pushing a small button located at the neck of the sprayer. The bottle has a small graphic on either side of the lock and unlock button. The sprayer is ideal for medium to high-viscosity creams and gels.
Polypropylene (PP)
Polypropylene (PP) mini triggers sprayers have a smooth finish that makes them easy to use. They operate with less effort than finger sprayers and are designed to handle thin and liquid products. However, there are some factors to keep in mind before purchasing one. Certain essential oils can clog up the spraying mechanism. Also, since the plastic is translucent, you can't use the mini trigger sprayer in sub-freezing temperatures.
Polypropylene trigger sprayers are a popular choice for a variety of uses, especially in the healthcare industry. In addition to their low cost, these devices can deliver higher concentrations of disinfectants. This makes them a cost-effective option for a variety of medical procedures. Additionally, polypropylene has excellent chemical and bacterial resistance. Moreover, polypropylene is a free-colour material with superior mechanical properties.

Locking button
A locking button on a mini trigger sprayer helps prevent accidental spraying. You can turn the lock button to lock the sprayer and release it, and the bottle itself has a small graphic showing the lock. The locking button is useful for spraying cleaning agents, room cleaners, and body care products.
Suitable for medium to high viscosity gels and creams
Suitable for medium to high viscosities, sodium carboxymethylcellulose (SMC) can be used as a gelling agent. This agent has high viscosity, is transparent and has low shear and ion resistance. It can be used in a variety of emulsions, from creams and gels to pharmaceutical formulations. Suitable for use at a concentration of 0.2% to 5%, this substance can be very effective in cosmetic products.
The stability of a gel is essential for ensuring the efficacy of an active ingredient. It needs to be homogeneous, able to dissolve the active ingredient, and have a medium to high viscosity so that it does not flow off the skin. However, the results of gels with different gelling agents were very different. The G1 and G2 formulations contained carrageenan. They were both effective in incorporating the metallic ingredients. They also showed similar texture and consistency.
Suitable for fine mist
A Mini Trigger Sprayer is a handy piece of equipment for those who need to apply a fine mist. With a spray volume of 0.21cc per spray, this sprayer is ideal for many types of products. It is designed to be easy to use and has a 227mm dip tube, making it suitable for a variety of applications.
There are several sizes available, ranging from small to large. The neck finish is an important consideration when purchasing a sprayer, as it is critical for proper closure and product dispensing. The length of the dip tube is also essential for correct closure and product dispensation.
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